Broken phone no more. 3 tips that can save your phone.

Broken iphone.

I have been in business for over 8 years and the problem I’ve seen with customers is that when they bring in their broken phones, they expect me to magically have replacements sitting around or it should be an instant fix and the worse of all they believe I should charge dirt cheap. Sad to say it doesn’t work out that way, in a world everything is instant and delivered to you people can still be unsatisfied. So I’ve taken the liberty of making a list that I hope will prevent you from breaking your phone and avoid frustration.

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Let’s begin with the top three ways people end up with a broken phone.

1. Dropping it on a hard surface
2. Getting it wet
3. Sitting on it

1. Clean it!

Bought a case? Smart!, Now you’re on the right track. Your next objective is to defend against dirt, dust, and moisture that can get trapped in your case. Try to find time at least once a month, to remove your case and clean both your case and your phone. Do this after a trip to the beach or pool, or an outdoor adventure, or working out. You can clean your phone and case by simply wiping and drying it. You can also use a toothbrush (clean) to gently clear debris from any port.

2. The inside is important too!

Honestly everyone does this! Using your device in the bathroom is just asking for trouble, and your probably saying your careful about having your phone by the toilet, that’s just an obvious one . Steam is a smartphone killer. The hot water you use every day in the bathroom while singing to your favorite playlist, creates steam that seeps into the device allowing moisture into the heart of your phone. Over time this moisture could short-circuit the hardware inside your phone.

Protecting your device doesn’t just mean maintaining its outward appearance. Even if your phone is in perfect physical condition, it can become unusable if the OS (Operating System) isn’t also protected from damage.

3. Get a case

Simple right, but a case and screen protector are essential to ensuring a long life for your device and avoiding the stress and frustration that comes with trying to fix a broken phone. A good case will protect your device from normal drops, scratches, spills, and the most dangerous of them all toddlers! Our recommendation for a sturdy case would be an Otterbox defender, you can find them on their site

Now here is a bonus tip to help you avoid ending up with a broken phone. when you’re at the dinner table, place all drinks in the middle of the table to avoid liquid spillage on your phone. Most of the time we place drinks next to our dominant hands. The same dominant hands we use our phones with, which will be directly, yup you guess it, next to your drink.

If in the unfortunate event that your phone does end up getting damaged we can help you fix it, you can bring it to us or we can come to you. Just visit our site at